Episode 3: Shedding and Shining

Shedding and Shining

In this episode of the Shed and Shine podcast, co-hosts and co-authors Gino Wickman and Rob Dube discuss the concepts of shedding and shining as fundamental processes for entrepreneurs seeking true freedom. They emphasize the importance of looking inward to unlock one's True Self and entrepreneurial potential. Shedding is described as the process of removing layers of ego and societal expectations to reveal one's true essence, while shining is the outcome of this process, where individuals operate from a place of inner peace and creativity. The hosts share personal examples of shedding and shining, explaining the ongoing nature of this journey. They also highlight how making decisions from a place of love rather than fear can significantly impact one's personal and professional life. The episode aims to inspire listeners to embark on their own shedding and shining journey to achieve true entrepreneurial freedom and peace.


00:00 Welcome to Shed and Shine

01:14 Exploring the Essence of Shedding and Shining

01:56 Shedding: Unveiling Your True Self

04:00 Shining: Embracing Your Inner Light

05:15 Applying Shed and Shine in Business and Life

11:28 The Continuous Journey of Shedding and Shining

16:17 Wrapping Up and Looking Forward


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