Episode 1: Why Are We Doing This?

Introducing the Shed and Shine Podcast: Unlocking True Entrepreneurial Freedom

In the inaugural episode of the Shed and Shine podcast, hosts Gino Wickman and Rob Dube introduce their new venture aimed at helping driven entrepreneurs achieve true freedom by shedding the layers that prevent them from being their True Selves referred to as 'shedding their shit') and shining. Both hosts bring a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and insight, having co-authored the book Shine: How Looking Inward is the Key to Unlocking True Entrepreneurial Freedom and co-founded The 10 Disciplines. This episode sets the stage for the series by discussing the purpose and passion behind the podcast, the significance of its name, and offers a glimpse into Gino and Rob's history and professional journey together. The podcast promises to deliver discussions, and practical advice for entrepreneurs seeking to balance drive with inner peace, ultimately guiding them towards making a bigger impact while maintaining their well-being.


00:00 Welcome to Shed and Shine: Unveiling the Podcast

00:22 Introducing the Hosts and Their Vision

01:12 The Essence and Goals of Shed and Shine

01:39 A Deep Dive into the Podcast's Purpose

04:27 The Backstory: Gino and Rob's Entrepreneurial Journey

06:07 The Evolution of a Friendship and Business Partnership

12:22 Choosing the Podcast Name: From Concept to Reality

14:17 The Driving Force Behind Shed and Shine

17:54 What to Expect from Future Episodes


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