$4,400.00 USD

Go even deeper with 4 one hour sessions with Rob Dube. Perfect for if you know you'll miss a few session - or if you simply want to master your inner world faster!

Group Coaching Program

Join this intimate and exclusive live group coaching program designed to help Driven Entrepreneurs like you build a strong foundation to make a greater impact in your life. 

  • 10 Live Sessions

  • Community of like minded Driven Entrepreneurs with whom you will develop genuine relationships

  • Each session is recorded and you will have access to the recordings.

  • Access to the 10 Disciplines video content for 365 days

  • 10 thorough teaching videos taught by Gino Wickman

  • Exclusive interview with Gino Wickman (led by Rob Dube) after each teaching

  • Interactive workbook

  • Access to valuable resources curated by Gino Wickman and Rob Dube