$4,400.00 USD

Go even deeper with 4 one hour sessions with a 10 Disciplines Coach. Perfect for if you know you'll miss a few session - or if you simply want to master your inner world faster!

September Group Coaching Program

Join this intimate and exclusive live group coaching program designed to help Driven Entrepreneurs like you build a strong foundation to make a greater impact in your life.

Each of the 10 sessions are 1 hour in length and will take place on the following Mondays from 1pm-2pm ET.

Dates and Agenda:

  • September 16th - Discipline 1: 10-Year Thinking
  • September 23rd - Discipline 2: Take Time Off
  • September 30th - Discipline 3: Know Thyself
  • October 7th - Discipline 4: Be Still
  • October 21st - Discipline 5: Know Your 100%
  • October 28th - Discipline 6: Say No...Often
  • November 4th - Discipline 7: Don't Do $25-an-Hour Work
  • November 18th - Discipline 8: Prepare Every Night and Discipline 9: Put Everything in One Place
  • December 2nd - Discipline 10: Be Humble
  • December 9th - Wrap-up session and special message

The weeks of October 14th, November 11th, and November 25th are skip weeks. Feel free to use this time to catch up, or to continue integrating!